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This BBC crime drama follows a team of forensic pathologists as they investigate crimes for the Cambridge police department. Dr. Sam Ryan is a brilliant and unflappable pathologist who works with the police to solve the most gruesome of crimes using forensic evidence. The cases are often disturbing and violent, starting in episode one with the suspicious death by drowning of a six year old child.

Thursdays & Fridays at 9:00 pm on BBC One
21 Seasons, 190 Episodes
February 21, 1996
Action & Adventure, Horror & Suspense, Drama, Crime
Cast: Emilia Fox, William Gaminara, Tom Ward, David Caves
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Silent Witness Full Episode Guide

  • With the conclusion of a challenging Christmas, the team are reunited with their families. Nikki learns that her colleagues have bought her a present.

  • Forensic crime drama series. Nikki, Jack, Thomas and Clarissa are settling down for festive celebrations when they get a call-out to a tragedy at a family home.

  • The team continue to investigate the truth around the care home deaths. Clarissa's determination to find out the shocking truth puts her life in danger.

  • Forensic crime drama series. After a fatal traffic accident, suspicion falls on a care home resident, but is the suspicion justified?

  • Forensic crime drama series. When analysing crime scene photos and the positions of the victims' bodies, the team uncover a secret.

  • Forensic crime drama series. A US diplomat is shot dead in central London, forcing the team to work closely with the embassy and the FBI.

  • Forensic crime drama series. The team wonder if the hack is the only danger as they come under threat. Jack has to decide how to get closure.

  • Forensic crime drama series. A series of tragic events are linked to the hacking of a hospital database and the subsequent blackmailing of patients.

  • Forensic crime drama series. Nikki's suspicions about David Cannon are aroused further when she discovers blood in the boot of his car.

  • Forensic crime drama series. The team investigate the death of a man found in a reservoir. Nikki and Jack deal with the aftermath of their Mexico trip.

  • With Nikki locked in a struggle for survival, Jack is must use all of his abilities to track her down. When a mysterious person calls to make demands in return for Nikki's release, Jack's moral principles are put to the test. And with life and death in the balance, every decision counts...

  • Nikki travels to Mexico when her friend is killed in a car-jacking. But soon she makes a discovery that sets her on collision course with some dangerous and unpredictable forces. Thomas sends Jack to brink Nikki home, but soon he is knee-deep in the unfolding situation.

  • Nikki reaches out to Becky to help her deal with her trauma, as her father is implicated in the killings. Jack's paranoia about Clarissa leaving deepens further when the pair joins forces with Max. And the death of a schoolteacher proves key to the mystery.

  • When an East End father and son are killed in a shocking road accident, Nikki and Jack find themselves working alongside a police officer with a vendetta. Clarissa summons her husband Max, a digital forensics expert, to help crack the case - and uncovers disturbing video evidence.

  • Nikki is under fire for leaking information on a suspect, and Thomas is called in to play peacemaker. Jack and DI Ashton track down the mystery witness. Before the killer strikes again, the team must uncover the true story of Ruth Tresize's disappearance three years earlier.

  • A woman's body found floating in the Thames leads Nikki and Jack to a community on the banks of the River Lee. Three years ago a teenager called Ruth Tresize went missing from the area, leaving the locals haunted by suspicion and grief. A fresh spate of killings reopens these old wounds.

  • Having found a link between the two cases, the team struggle to make sense of it. Nikki visits a disgraced former colleague who may hold the key. Thomas uncovers the bizarre truth about how Tina died.

  • When a photogenic young schoolteacher goes missing, Jack and Nikki are called to the scene and quickly find themselves at the center of a media storm. Meanwhile, Thomas fights a lone crusade for justice for a troubled young woman who was killed in puzzling circumstances.

  • When Nikki, Jack and Thomas make a horrific discovery in the van, they're confronted with the work of a killer who preys on illegal immigrants. With the help of Clarissa, they must work out where the killer will strike next before more vulnerable people meet the same fate.

  • When a people-smuggler is found dead in the City, Nikki must delve London's illegal immigrant community. She meets a vulnerable Syrian teen called Akka who is in need of help, putting Nikki in a moral dilemma - and the killer is still on the loose.

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